The Slow Death

When Jesse Thorson’s previous band Pretty Boy Thorson lost a couple of key members in November of 2009 it posed a bit of a problem for the front man. The Slow Death was his answer. Drawing on Cock Sparrer’s working class anthems, the Lemonheads sometimes rollicking/sometimes somber vibe, and the East Bay pop punk fury of Crimpshrine, The Slow Death have carved out their own niche of melodic punk. Starting with their first release, a split 7″ with the Strait A’s (Kiss of Death), and continuing with their participation in a ground-breaking crossover 7″ EP/Comic Book collaboration (Turnstile Comix #1), the band has been writing and playing the type of music that they find personally appealing with little consideration for a trendy stylistic approach. Recently, The Slow Death entered the studio yet again with an entire batch of new songs and a new lineup. Enlisting new drummer Mikey Erg behind the kit, a guest bass appearance by Dillinger Four’s Paddy Costello, and a guest vocalist (The Soviette’s Annie Sparrows), Jesse and the rest of the band laid down their debut LP “Born Ugly, Got Worse.” Recorded by Dan Jensen in their hometown of Minneapolis, MN, the album is a combination of contemporary, rowdy, gruff, pop punk and 90’s nostalgia. The Slow Death have already completed two full US tours, two midwest tours and have plans for an east coast and European trip this Fall. Expect even more plans once the new album is made available via Kiss of Death Records in September 2011.

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