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Pale Angels
(featuring ex-members of The Ergs, The Arteries and Static Radio NJ)

Primal Play is the first album from grungey transatlantic punks Pale Angels.

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With inspirations ranging from the Ramones to the sounds of 90s Seattle, Primal Play is an album that uses simplicity as a jumping point to get weird. It’s a little Husker Du in parts, a sorta pop vibe with heaps of extra fuzz, and it took life this year between three friends separated by an ocean.

Mike Santostefano from New Jersey (vocals + guitar), Mikey Erg from Queens, NY, (drums) and Jamie Morrison from Swansea, Wales, (vocals + bass) became friends as their previous bands toured together over the years. After Mike and Jamie played some impromptu Nirvana covers at Fest 10 in Gainesville, Florida, 2011, the idea for a new band was conceived and when punk wizard Mikey Erg agreed to get on board, the Pale Angels ship really set sail.

In February 2013, Jamie flew to NJ, where the band had its first practices. Individual seeds of ideas quickly grew into complete songs and two weeks later the band went to Vacation Island Studios in Brooklyn, NY, to distill that energy into two days of recording with Ben Greenbergof noisy Brooklyn band The Men.

The resulting record Primal Play is a loud, reverberating LP that comes out August 13th via Kiss of Death records in the US and Specialist Subject records in the UK.

* Pale Angels will tour the LP across the US this fall and winter, including dates at The Fest in Gainesville this October, followed by UK and European dates before getting back in the studio to work on record number two.

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