As you have all heard by now…KOD as assumed control of Traffic Street Records through a corporate takeover, Sam put up one hell of a fight but in the end we bought up 56.66 percent of the stock during the IPO and gave CEO Sam North the boot.

I have all the outstanding orders and will be working on them as soon as the HOUSEBOAT LP is done (which at the moment it is not)  I will be sending out the orders ASAP.  You will see a post here about the LP being done and up for sale.  if after 3/4 weeks you do not get yr order….only then can you email me and see whats up please do not flood my email with angry complaints.  if you want a CASH refund you have to contact SAM. we got all the inventory, no cash.

If you have an address change please email me ATTN:ADDRESS CHANGE  to mailorderofdeath AT gmail you can leave other important tib bit i may need to know in the comments section….please direct angry emails, rants, cuss words and death threats and other worldy hexs and curses to Sam, not me I love you guys.

I understand you are all mad, pissed off and upset.  We are trying to help the situation.  please be patience with me….i do the mail order ALONE as in SOLO.  I have KOD mail order and bands to deal with as well so it’s gonna take a bit.  Please do not send me hate mail.  I will have to send you cat poo instead of records :).

thanks for hanging in there.

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