Caves/Sundials Split 7″ and UK Tour

Bristol, UK’s CAVES and Richmond, Virginia’s SUNDIALS are gearing up to release a 7″ of brand new material on Kiss of Death Records. What better way to showcase their budding band romance than booking a full-on UK tour?! Caves will have the opportunity to show Sundials a good chunk of their home country on the 2 and a half week endeavor. Us Americans can only cross our fingers that Sundials will return the favor and bring Caves over for a visit sometime soon. In the meantime, if you find yourself across the pond check out the dates, and if not check out the artwork for the split!

7/15/11 Everything Sucks Club @ Cafe El Paso, London w/ SUNDIALS
7/16/11 Practice Room, Tolworth w/ SUNDIALS
7/17/11 The Dorchester, Southampton w/ SUNDIALS
7/18/11 Prince Albert, Brighton w/ SUNDIALS, Southport + Corrigan
7/19/11 The Portland, Cambridge w/ SUNDIALS, Textbook + The Magnificent
7/20/11 Karma Kafe, Norwich w/ SUNDIALS
7/21/11 The Redhouse, Sheffield w/ SUNDIALS, Textbook + The Magnificent + Slow Reason
7/22/11 TBA, Manchester w/ SUNDIALS, Textbook
7/23/11 Practice Room, Ponte w/ SUNDIALS, The Lock & Keys + Pudge
7/24/11 Monteys Rock Cafe, York w/ SUNDIALS, Protectors
7/25/11 Central, Newcastle w/ SUNDIALS, ONSIND + Worry Party + Fathoms
7/26/11 Prince Of Wales, Leamington Spa w/ SUNDIALS
7/27/11 Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham w/ SUNDIALS, Jim Lockey and the Solemn Sun
7/28/11 The Cavern, Exeter w/ SUNDIALS, Muncie Girls + OK Pilot
7/29/11 Gower Pub, Cardiff w/ SUNDIALS, Bedford Falls + Unwelcome Guests + 255s
7/30/11 Fighting Cocks, Kingston w/ SUNDIALS, Crash Of Rhinos (MATINEE SHOW)
7/31/11 The Croft, Bristol w/ SUNDIALS, Lemuria + Cheap Girls

“This Bristol, UK punk-pop trio are often compared to bands such as Discount and Lemuria and it’s no surprise why. They play a brand of punk that is infused with pop, lacks overly hard edges (not a criticism) and all are/were fronted by a female. In the case of Caves, the female is Louise Hanman, who also plays guitar, backed up by a particularly tight rhythm section of Dave Brent on drums and Jonathan Minto on bass.” –

“If you enjoy the sunny, jangly, ’90s alt-rock-influenced punk sounds of fellow upstarts Failures’ Union, this should be directly up your alley. A bounty of melody and exuberantly sung vocals are wielded by Sundials here at every turn.” –

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